The Clear Lake Cookbook

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Things are cookin' at Clear Lake!

About a year ago, a group of Clear Lakers began an ambitious effort to purchase Kasota Island in hopes of keeping the undeveloped property in its natural state.

They've been creative in their efforts... selling T-shirts with a graphic design of the island, holding an auction, producing the now-famous Women of Clear Lake Calendar.

Now things are heating up a bit more with Clear Lake Cuisine, a hardcover, three-ring-bound cookbook featuring more than 900 tried and true recipes.

"Nearly 300 area women and men shared their favorite recipes," says Sandy Ayres, co-chair of the cookbook project. It's my guess that this collection of special cooking instructions will become favorites for all who use this cookbook."

"We are having some fun with these 'fun' raisers, but there is a serious goal that is guiding us," says Joyce Augspurger, the other co-chair of the cookbook committee. "We want to preserve a piece of heritage that all future generations can enjoy.

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