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July, 2006

Hi Bill,

My name is Larry Finn. My wife Betsy Compo and I have spent many, many hours (days, nights, years...) on the lake, and we have many fond memories of hanging out at the island, meeting up with friends, late night bonfires, ski jump, etc.

We live in Massachusetts now and are currently limited to enjoying the lake during holidays/vacations, but we definitely want to contribute what we can to the "save the island" campaign. We learned more about this when we were back over the 4th, and we were very impressed by the quick turnaround of information (the flier to all the Lakers) and encouraged by the amount of donations that the committee has managed to raise in a relatively short amount of time.

Please let us know if there is an official form to request, and also if you have a 501c /non profit status please forward that information so that we can request that our companies match our donation. Also if there is anything we might be able to do to help out long-distance, let us know.

Thanks and best regards,
Larry & Betsy Finn

August 22, 2006

Four generations and counting? We sure hope so!

We are fortunate to be able to enjoy Kasota Island on Clear Lake once a year. Our two year old daughter, Ava, is the FOURTH generation to enjoy Clear Lake and the island. We'd love to see that continue for years to come.

We have wonderful family and friends at Clear Lake. People have watched my husband, Andy, grow up over the years, and friends and family have welcomed me (Stacey) and Ava with open arms the past two summers we've been there.

Please accent our pledge for this important fundraiser. May it help, in our own little way, to get you closer to the goal. May we all get the opportunity to make many more memories on the island with those we love.

Yours truly,

The Fitzenriders
Andy, Stacey and Ava

September 4, 2006


Today would have been Charlye Millan's 78th birthday... She would have been so proud of everyone's ability to pull so much together in such a short time. She would have been right in the thick of things convincing everyone to donate.

I am so happy to see the pledge amount go up and up...

Thanks to Mr. Van Deylan for all the work he has done on the island . We took a walk there today. It is great that we have the chance to make the Island our very own...

Thank to you and all the people who work on the project on a daily basis.

Ann Gullberg