Clear Lake Indiana Picture Postcard Collections

Clear Lake Indiana History

Ordinary picture postcards have come to provide a unique photographic history of Clear Lake, Indiana. In recent years, collecting these vintage postcards has become a popular hobby for a number of Clear Lake residents.

Through the inspiration of the Jeff Lewis Collection and the generosity of several of local postcard collectors, we have been able to scan and display some of these cards for all to see. We hope to add to the display as additional collectors volunteer to have their postcards scanned.

You'll notice that some of the postcards were very popular and are contained in more than one collection. We have generally included the duplicates, especially when they have handwritten messages on the back.

We hope you enjoy viewing these wonderful reminders of Clear Lake in years past.

The Jeff Millns Collection  Jeff's collection contains over 100 quality scans.
The Frank Brooke Collection  Frank was one of Clear Lake's first collectors.
The Mike Slee Collection   Mike has the largest collection we've seen... 200 cards!
The Alan Korte Collection  Alan's collection has several cards not seen in the other collections.

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If you have some postcards or old photos that we could scan and share with everyone, please contact the webmaster at the email address at the bottom of this page. Thanks!