Clear Lake Wood Water Ski "Museum"

Wood Water Ski Rescue Service

Lance Seiler Makes Major Donation to the Wood Water Ski Museum


Do you have old wooden water skis
cluttering up your basement or garage?

Are you thinking of throwing them out or making a bonfire with them?

Wait! Let us rescue them! We have a growing collection of over eighty-five wood water skis here at Clear Lake. Maybe it's because they remind us of our youth or maybe because it's because we think we'll someday refinish them and hang them in a real Clear Lake museum, but in any case we would like to rescue your old wood skis and add them to the collection.

Please send us an email at the address on the bottom of this page if you would like donate your wood skis to the collection and save them from the bonfire. We'll rush right over and pick them and take them back to their new home. Or you can bring them by the "museum" and admire the growing display. That never fails to elicit at least one "I had one like that" story.

Thanks to Tom Eckrich, Mike Slee, Mary Brooke and the many others who have donated skis to the collection..

Here's our wood water ski photo gallery