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Hillsdale High School Hornets Class of 1962 - Hillsdale, Michigan

Hillsdale High School Michigan Class of 1962 99 Drive-in

"Where were you in '62?"

"We would drive out around the '99 to see who might be there. Then we'd cruise through town and out to the beach, sometimes stopping to talk awhile before heading back into town for another circle."

~ ~ ~

Acknowledgements: We would like to acknowledge our many classmates who have donated their time, photographs and materials for this collection, as well as those who have given of their time in organizing our ten previous class reunions. The long list of people to thank includes but is not limited to Delores Fitzgerald Kimling, Julia Kriser Gambill, Charlene Spencer McClintic, Linda Smith Conklin, Seibra Salisbury Herbener, Melinda Foulke Beckwith, Charlotte Dunbar Ziegler, Johanna Foster Dickey, Bill Moore, Fred Kissinger, Barbara Dodge Dunifon, Gary Bildner, Barbara Morrison, Prudy Brott Weaver, and Ron Gillette. We truly have an exceptionally hard-working and fun class and we hope you enjoy browsing the contents of this page.


50 Year Reunion History and Photos Collection

From the Past Reunions
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From the 50th Reunion
InvitationGroup PhotosFriday NightSaturday BreakfastSaturday NightSchool TourClass News Booklet

Our Class Photos and Memories Through the Years
Bailey Elementary Bluebirds and Campfire Girls
Elementary School Memories
7th Grade - Some photos of us from the 1957 yearbook
8th Grade - The complete 1958 yearbook!
Freshman Year - Our class photos as freshmen
Sophomore Year - Our class photos as sophomores
Sophomore Year - Some photos from our first prom
Junior Year - Our class photos as juniors
Junior Year - We moved into the new high school
Senior Year -  The complete 1962 yearbook!
Senior Year - Our senior trip to New York City
Senior Year - Our senior activities
Newspaper Clippings 1 - We were in the news!
Newspaper Clippings 2 - More news
Newspaper Clippings 3 - Even more news
Snapshots - We had lots of fun

Other Neat Stuff
The 1963 yearbook - see what your girlfriend was up to
Hillsdale City Photos - It's still a good looking town
Hillsdale Historical Postcards - What it was like way back when
Hillsdale Schools Directory from 1921-22 - Because we had it
Hillsdale Schools Directory from 1951-52 - We had this one too
1915 City of Hillsdale, Michigan
1894 Illustrated City Directory of Hillsdale, Michigan
1958 Aerial View of Old Hillsdale Michigan Airport and 99 Drive-in Theater (100MB TIFF)

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