Clear Lake Indiana HistoryHistory of Clear Lake, Steuben County, Indiana

Clear Lake Aerial Photos - Archival aerial photos taken in 1939, 1951, 1957, 1964, and 1973. (PDF files, allow download time)

Clear Lake Heritage History Book - Copies of the 2009 book are occasionally available on eBay.

Tarajories Hill of Health New Hotel - Big plans in the 1920s.

The Clear Lake Story - A 1982 collection of history and stories collected from factual records and memories of early residents.

Clear Lake History Forum Archive - Read the information and memories that our users have shared.

Steuben County Cottages for Rent in 1930 - Things were cheaper then.

Summer in Northern Indiana Vacation Travel Brochure 1935 Edition - Articles and advertisements from the 1930s, when our lakes were destination resorts. We also have the 1934 edition.

Clear Lake Historical Postcard Collections - Picture postcards provide a photographic history of Clear Lake.

Steuben County Historical Maps - Steuben County maps from the 1800s show the growth of the railroads.

Bowensburg - A Step Back in Time - The town of Bowensburg was platted near Clear Lake but never built.

Boating Disaster on Clear Lake - On July 4, 1859 eleven people drowned by the capsizing of a boat

Boating Disaster Remembered .- Lee S. Duguid newspaper article in the Bryan Times about the capsizing

History of Steuben County Clear Lake Township 1885 - An early history of our township.

Biennial Report of the Commissioner of Fisheries and Game of Indiana (excerpt) - A description of Clear Lake in the year 1913. You can also read the entire booklet.

Year in Review - 2007 - The year 2007 was an exceptionally busy year at Clear Lake with the Kasota Island preservation campaign and fundraisers, sale of the old town hall and the Lions Club classic car show. Relive the fun by viewing the articles and flyers from some of the events.

The following items have been contributed to the history of Clear Lake. We welcome your contribution also. Please send your stories to the webmaster at the email shown at the bottom of this page.

A Place in My Heart - The cottage had been in our family for decades. But common sense said it was time to sell.

"Memories of My Summers at the Lake" by Denis Eble - A wonderful short story about the author's youthful visits to Clear Lake.

"Lake House" by Brandi Fishburn - "this beautiful, charming, gorgeous, exquisite place where I go to dream."

History of the Clear Lake Baptist Church 1864 - 1989 by Warner Reed

History of the Clear Lake Lutheran Church 1937 to 2010 by Pastor Gaertner

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